Faith Care Team Forming

    If the answer if "yes", then you are invited to be a part of a "faith care team" that is being formed.  This team would consist of 4-5 individuals who would want to help a refugee family.

    Can ;you imagine going to a country where you did not know their language, and the culture was so foreign to you.  How would you know how to get insurance, buy food to feed your family, know the money system, find a job, learn about transportation and educate your children?  It takes a long time to become established in a foreign country.  There is so much to learn.

    It is overwhelming when you begin to help someone or a number of people in this situation.  But if we each take a turn and offer a number of hands to walk with them, the journey will not seem so monumental.  In the end, there will be beautiful relationships formed.

    We have met and want to help such a family! If you are interested in being a part of this "faith care team", please let Lisa Crismore know.