Marilyn Sutherlin Funeral Service

Details on the celebration of life for Marilyn Sutherlin. {read more}

Frank Mansell, Jr.

Information on the death of Frank Mansell, Jr., father of Frank Mansell III. {read more}

Stewardship/Reformation Sunday

Sunday, October 29th will be Stewardship/Reformation Sunday. We will mark this celebration in some special ways! {read more}

Fall Festival

October 28th! Save the date! {read more}

Send Lisa to Prison!

On November 2-5, LIsa Crismore will be participating once again in the Rockville Women's Prison Retreat. Christ has called us to serve these women so they will know Christ's love, hope, and grace. {read more}

Invite-A-Friend Sunday!

The mark of the Christian faith is sharing the good news with others, and telling the world of God's love in Jesus Christ. {read more}

PYOCA Retreat - September 29-October 1

The Annual All-Church Intergenerational Retreat at Camp PYOCA is scheduled for Friday evening, September 29th, through noon Sunday, October 1st! {read more}

Capital Campaign Celebration

On Sunday, June 11th, we will be celebrating the completion of our third and final capital campaign! {read more}

Easter Festival

Please plan on bringing your family and friends for a morning of fun, food and fellowship on Saturday, April 15th, when we have our annual Easter Festival from 9 - 11 a.m. {read more}

Steve Main

Information on the death of Steve Main, father-in-law of Frank Mansell. {read more}