Dawnie began as our temporary organist in August, 1990, evolving into our regular organist  as of March 1991!  She kept that position until our new organist, Shayla VanHal arrived August, 2021!!  It's about time we celebrate her!!  How will we do that??

First, there will be a Tail-Gate Picnic on Saturday, September 18, at 5pm, weather permitting.  We will gather in the parking lot at church and bring our own picnic food.  This will be similar to the tail-gate picnic we had for Frank in the spring.  All attending will need to be aware of respecting other's social distancing needs and masks will be a personal choice.  A rain date has been set for Sunday, September 19 at noon following  the second service.

Second, we are wanting to shower Dawnie with words of praise and affirmation wishing her well in her retirement.  Please write a card to Dawnie sharing with her all the wonderful memories and words of gratitude for her musical gifts and ministry.  We will have a card basket at the picnic and on Sunday morning to collect them.  If you can't make either event, you may mail the card to the church.

Third, we would like to gift her with a monetary gift as well.  When Dawnie first announced her retirement, there was a message sent out  about giving money toward a gift.  Cindy Hiday has kept a record of this.  You may check with Cindy to see if you already gave, if you can't remember.  If you didn't have a chance to do so, please write a check, place it in the offering bowl or send it to the office and in the memo line write "Dawnie's Gift".  We will be giving Dawnie and her family a gift card to David and Izzy's restaurant along with a monetary gift.

If you have any questions, please call the office.  We pray that this will be a special time as we celebrate the music and ministry that Dawnie has done and continues to do at John Knox.


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