Help Needed for Community Picnic!!

    In the church hallway, you will find two puzzles that are about our upcoming Community Picnic in August. We will purchase all the items, but we need your help in raising the funds to pay for it!  You can help by 1) deciding which item(s) you want to purchase, 2) putting check or cash into an offering envelope. (Make sure it is marked "PICNIC" and has the number of the item(s) on it, and 3) give it to Cindy Hiday, Bev Ray, Barb Weetman, or Dawnie Barnhouse.  Once you have turned in your envelope, your puzzle piece will be removed and we will begin to see what is underneath!!  Let's clear both puzzles and ensure that best community Picnic ever!

    The yard signs for advertising our Community Picnic are ready (available in the church hallway), and you can help by taking one and putting it in your yard to let your neighbors and our community know about it! There are plenty of signs available, so if you would like to pick up numerous signs and place them in our community, please do so!  (When placing in front of a business, please check with business owner first for permission!) Please be sure to save the signs after the picnic since they have been worded so that they can be used from year to year!