Mission Trip - Dominican Republic!

    If you said "yes" to at least one of these questions, please prayerfully consider going to the Dominican Republic in February 2018.

    We've committed to partnering with our brothers and sister in Christ in Tamayo, Dominican Republic.  What does this partnership look like?  We're not sure. In any relationship, you need to meet the people and get to know them. 

    This is part of the email response that Lisa received from Pastor Elsa Thomas when she wrote to her telling her that John Knox had decided to partner with her congregation.

    "We are very pleased to hear from you.  The people of Tamayo church would like to share our work plans with you to exchange ideas and experiences where we take our strengths and weaknesses to compliment what we do, that is how we can help each other to strengthen us mutually. It is difficult to put into practice what we preach. We preach working, using faith with works, putting words into practice. It is one of the most important messages, which our people need to know.  Your willingness to leave the comfort of your home, the warmth of your family and the confidence of being in your country. Using money that you could invest or spend on other things, but you chose to buy teaching materials, a flight, lodging and food to come to a foreign country to show God's love to his creation."

    Some may ask, "Why do we need to go so far away from home to do mission?  With all the devastation from the hurricanes, there is work to be done here in the United States."  The people in Tamayo are in great need too.  They need to see us putting the gospel of Jesus into action.  These people are our brothers and sisters in Christ and they have welcomed us into a relationship. It is important that we respond with commitment and love.

    Our hope is that in 2019 the church in Tamayo will send 1-2 people to Indy for us to share our lives and church with them. We have seen the huge gift of sharing in cultures with people from Mexico and El Salvador.  Our lives have been blessed by knowing Liz Arrieta, Manuela Ek de Novak, Kelly and Jon Simpson and many others.

    We will be going to the Dominican Republic the end of February with a group from John Knox. If you are wanting to go and have the time and energy, please let Lisa Crismore know by November 1, 2017.  DO NOT be concerned with the cost of the trip.  The Education and Mission Teams of the church are committed to finding ways to cover the expenses.  We believe we need at least 5 people to make this trip successful.  If you have any questions, please talk to Lisa. Once we have 5 people committed then we will host an information meeting in November.  If you want to go but don't have the time or energy, perhaps you could sponsor a person or contribute to part of their trip.  Please be in prayer as we look to God to see how this new relationship will take shape and grow.