SET! - October 20th

    The program will be led by Debbie and Frank Mansell, and will be around a topic that many of us would rather not discuss, but truly need to face with honesty and faith: end-of-life issues.  Through their own work and life experiences, they have learned a great deal about how to make decisions, plans, and who to have conversations with around health care, medical power-of-attorney, hospice, and so on.  They will be sharing with us some new resources on this important topic.  The program will begin around 6:45pm.

    We will begin with a pitch-in meal at 6pm.  Drinks and tableware will be provided.  If you are attending, you are invited to bring a main dish, side dish, salad, or dessert to share.  Please be sure to sign up on the bulletin board just outside the church office if you plan to attend, and indicate what you will be bringing to share.  The program will follow the meal!

    We hope to see you then, and know that this will likely be the first of several such presentations!