Support for Wheeler Women & Children's Center

    1) BRING ITEMS TO CHURCH before February 22nd.  You can bring any of the following items to the church and place them in the big box outside the church office prior to February 22nd, and the choir will deliver them directly to the center when we visit: FULL-SIZED items of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, women' hair styling products (including textured hair products), razors and shaving cream, deodorant, sweatpants. DO NOT bring travel-size items since the women generally stay at the center for an extended period of time.  The items listed are specific items that the Women and Children's Center can take at this time, along with the items in the Amazon "wish list" (See #2)

    2) SHOP ONLINE (any time):  Go to this link for an Amazon "wish list" of items the center needs.  The items you order will be sent directly to the center:

    3) LOOK AT THIS GENERAL LIST OF NEEDS (any time): This list is for all the centers, and items need to be delivered to the address given (which is NOT the address of the Women and Children's Center):

    For additional ways to help or give, or if you have questions on what is acceptable to donate, refer to the link below.  You will see that they take vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, mini-buses, boats, tractors, and heavy construction equipment, among other things!!

    The choir really appreciates any help you can give.  The Women and Children's Center has been a special place of ministry for the choir for several years now.  We would love to be able to take some supplies with us that they need on February 22nd.  But really, any way you are able to help would be greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to Jeff Gillespie or any member of the choir.  Thank you!!