Sunday, June 6

Disability Awareness Sunday

On Sunday, June 6, we will be blessed to hear from Gary and Joyce Jones. Stanley Goodwin will be reading scripture for us and he will join his grandmother, Susan Lindgren, in giving the children’s message. We look forward to hearing from our speakers, who will share their stories of their life and faith with us at both the 9am and 11am services. This is a Sunday to realize the importance of how God created us as unique, beautiful creatures, who want to be recognized as God’s children first. Everyone wants to be included, and learning about our differences helps us to understand and hopefully, accept and love each other.

Gary and Joyce Jones – They were long time members of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, where Lisa and Jim Crismore met and Gary and Joyce were their youth group leaders during high school. Gary and Joyce are both retired, living in Westfield, Indiana. Their daughter, Lisa, was born in 1972 with Spina Bifida but was able to work at a job, serve at St. Andrew and was her nephews’ number one fan at their baseball games - all from the seat of her wheel chair. She died from complications from the disease on March 11, 2016. The couple will share about their life and faith while being loving parents to Lisa. They will also talk about their leadership and support in the Spina Bifida Association, which they poured their heart and soul into since Lisa was born. We look forward to hear what they have to say and welcome them to John Knox.

 Susan Lindgren joined John Knox in 2020 with her husband, Dave. She is currently serving as a Deacon. Her grandson, Stanley, unfortunately lost his mother last September. He loves to attend church with his grandmother and is very excited to be sharing with us during worship.

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