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October 31, 2021

Dancing the Transitional Dance

Transitional Ministry is much like this first line from Mary Poppins. Bert describes the conditions that set up the arrival of Mary Poppins, and she arrives with her umbrella and suitcase. She comes to a household that needs to freshen up and proceeds to do that, in a fun and different way. That is much of what a transitional pastor does. We don't stay forever, just until the wind changes, which has been about 2 years for the congregations I have served. It is an interesting call, always new, and always different. My umbrella and suitcase will sit here in the chancel area until the winds change and I move to another church that needs a "Mary Poppins experience."

Sundays at 10am with an offering of fellowship or Church School at 11am

John Knox Presbyterian Church
3000 North High School Road | Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
(317) 291-0308