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March 27, 2022

We Often Believe We Are The Problem

Thoughts about an Imperfect Life and Faith

“We often believe we are the problem.”


We often hear the prodigal son story and much of the time we are placed in the role of the younger son, as a sinner and we see that the father as God. And that is in part because this is part of a series of stories about lost and found. Today we are going to take this story as a Good Enough story.

Ok, so how many of you are first born children? Me too! And most analysis of first-born children say they follow the rules. And we often get frustrated when those around us (like our younger siblings) don’t follow the rules!

Kate Bowler says in our Lent devotional Good Enough “We crave rules to follow AND Part of what is strange about rules is that we love them, and we hate them at the same time.”

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